Self-Care Saturday: nailsaloon (Capitol Hill)

Even in graduate school, my Saturdays were for me which meant I did zero work pertaining to school even extracurriculars (except for when I was writing my dissertation).  One of my goals was to continue that philosophy in 2019 and with my recent move to DC, there are tons of new places to explore.

If you know me, you know I love an upscale nail salon, one because it is more relaxing than regular salons and second because the nail technicians pay better attention to detail. I recently tried the nailsaloon in the Capitol Hill neighborhood (there’s also one in Logan Circle) which is a nail salon specializing in natural nail care. All of their products are organic and free of toxic chemicals. The staff were super friendly and the business supports two local organizations in the DC area: MentorPrize and the DC Coalition for the Homeless. I should admit that I am not into acrylic nails or flashy designs and more into nail care, therefore if the former is what you’re looking for this is not the nail salon for you. It is a tad more expensive than regular nail salons, but I think with the excellent service plus the warm atmosphere it is well worth the price. So if you live in the area or are visiting DC, please check it out!

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